Online Fraud – What To Watch Out For When Using Fling Websites

Fling website scams

“Watch out for Online Frauds”

Fling website scams have become a growing crisis. Usually, a target is approached by an individual on the internet through a genuine dating site. The victim and con artist develops a web based romance. Although the victim could be suspicious as time goes by, the con artist convinces them to stay using photos, struggles, assurances, pleasure, as well as claims of love. Sooner or later, the swindler will ask for their assistance, for a variety of reasons that involves the target sending money. As soon as the con artists acquire as much cash as they can from the unsuspecting victim, the scammer desists all communication; leaving the target in a state of shock and disbelief, confused, hurt and broke. The worst part is that the money lost is hardly ever recovered.

Scammers Are Highly Prevalent, Being among Legitimate Daters

fling website scams

“They are highly efficient in scamming people”

Unfortunately, fling website scams are very prevalent today, and many might not find it unusual. Today, over 20 percent of all relationships begin online. As with every sector of society, once people and money are involved, so are criminals. A recorded figure of $65 million was defrauded from online daters in the past year. Even more troubling, less than 20 percent of such cases are ever reported to authorities due to feelings of embarrassment. In one record, there were 200,000 reports of dating fraud out of a total of 40 million dating profiles. This goes to show that about 2.5 percent of online daters are victims of fling website scams. Numerous persons have been approached by fling scammer and many more will. This information would leave a chilling feeling in anyone’s guts.
The usual online fraud begins with phony profiles, then a sob tale and finally, a demand for cash. Counterfeit ladies profiles commonly utilize the photo of a popular model or sexy young porn star. Fake profiles of men frequently use images of good looking military men. There’s reliable research to suggest as many as 10 percent of online dating profiles are fakes of this type; some people estimate it is much higher, especially on certain sites. Several sites have been caught red-handed faking profiles themselves to keep people interested; Vargas pointed me in the direction of a lawsuit that was launched against, where the plaintiffs claimed that as many as 60 percent of the profiles on the internet dating giant were inactive or fake.

The Prevention of Online Fraud Is the Responsibility of Daters and Organizations Alike

It is the belief of many people that online dating companies should be more responsible in their handling and screening of users. It is the belief of many that they can do much more to restrain the fraudulent deeds of scheming individuals. On the other hand, many dating firms believe that it is the users’ responsibility to protect themselves by being more cautious with their social decisions. So, it’s the people that need to be more careful in making the right choices about choosing a legit website. They can check x dating reviews mentioned here and can make a decision, is a scam or not?
As is fitting solution though, some free dating firms have implemented measures to check the backgrounds of their members as well as manually verify and review user profiles. This will of course not stop online dating fraud, but it is a good start and a significant help.
Many persons, even legitimate daters, refuse to complete identity verification procedures implemented by some websites. They feel that it is an invasion of their privacy, and many persons do not want to reveal their flaws or misstatement. Needless to say, with the deceit endemic surging in the online fling dating industry and also prevalent amongst internet based dater themselves, the opposition to online checks is comprehensible.

Look Out for Suspicious Emails. They will often

Ask for personal details. Counterfeit emails usually consist of a very general greeting and may also advise that your information is compromised; your membership has been terminated, or even ask you to verify the credibility of your transactions.
Seem as though they are from a legit source. While many emails are easily identified as fraudulent, many might appear to come from a genuine url and trustworthy web source. But, try not to depend on the name or website address included in a form field, as it can be easily modified.
Include fake job offers. Many phony emails seem to be from organizations offering employment. They are frequently work-at-home bookkeeping opportunities which are usually systems that swindle both job seeker and various other customers. Always confirm that job offers are from a recognized and trusted organization.
They sometimes link to actual websites. Besides links to fake websites, many phony emails likewise incorporate links to trustworthy websites. The scammers carry this out in order to make a phony email look real.
Contain fraudulent or valid telephone numbers. Counterfeit emails often include phone numbers which are associated with fraudsters. By no means phone a number presented in an email that you think is fake. Make certain to verify any telephone numbers that you call.
Contain links to bogus websites.

Look Out for Suspicious Websites

person of interest

“Always keep an eye out for the suspicious websites”

After coming across a profile that interests you, you could end up getting an email response that informs you that you will have to visit a certain site, or to click on a certain link to meet the person. After doing this, you may end up at a website which asks that you pay a certain sum in order to view or contact the person of interest. Of course, after doing this all that will happen is you losing your money and giving unscrupulous people your personal and credit card information. This is a type of online fraud that can easily be avoided. Many lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars this way, by scammers who selfishly withdraw as much money as possible.

Pay Keen Attention to Profile Details

Many online dating scammers are from foreign countries, professing to be members of the U.S military. This may be true sometimes, but you have to be careful and run background checks because more often than not, they are not who they say they are.
Many scammers lure people with stunning photos, looking like a perfect model or a porn – star female or a sexy hunk. They know what appeals to date seekers and will play into that psychology with attractive pictures.
Many con artists have multiple accounts on a dating website. They will try to trap as many victims as possible. So browse through several profiles with good-looking pictures to see if the information is at all similar or the same.
They usually have incomplete profiles and vague details about interests, family, background, school and so on.
Many fake profiles contain poor grammar and spelling. If you are a native English speaker, this would be very obvious to you. The sentence structure and grammar are just not right.

Be on the Lookout for Blackmail Fraud

loss of hope

“They are planning to blackmail you for money, be on guard”

These scammers will profess their love for you rather eagerly. Beware, love is not cheap or easy.
After a long time in the relationship, they will reveal themselves over a webcam and ask you to do the same. Note: Never, reveal or do anything on camera, especially on the internet that could potentially ruin your reputation.
After a while, they will claim that they have pictures or videos of you doing sexual things, naked or in a compromising position. They will demand a certain sum of money to keep it out of the public’s eyes. They might be quiet for a while after their demands have been met.
They will go even further to bother you for money from time to time, threatening to expose inappropriate footage to co-workers, spouse, family members, children and friends.
Today’s scammers more often than not, try to go for the big bucks. There have been incidents where fraudulent people made off with as much as $250,000 in one go! Not only are con artists capable of ripping you off, they will leave you with a broken heart and loss of hope as well. The situation is pretty grim and one has to take drastic steps to avoid becoming the next victim of online fraud.

There is a lot to watch out for in order to avoid online dating fraud. These discrepancies can range from strange individuals to the websites themselves. The best advice is also most obvious; do not trust strangers you meet online. Never for a second let your guard down until you are absolutely sure that your date is perfectly okay. This is pretty tough to do when matters of the heart are involved. But to save you undue hurt and financial loss, it is best to act with extreme scrutiny when seeking dates in order to avoid fling website scams and frauds.

3 must know features of MS surface tablets

Microsoft recently launched the Microsoft Surface tablets. These tablets run Microsoft’s latest Operating System, the Windows 8. The Surface tablet contains two versions. The first version is the Surface RT, which is powered through an ARM chip that runs on Windows RT. The second version is the Surface Pro, which is powered through an Intel-based chip. These tablets come with several features that pit them against the other tablets within the market. However, there are 3 must know features of MS surface tablets that help to set them apart.

1. Cover and keyboard. This is actually one device; a peripheral keyboard for the MS surface tablet that also acts as its cover. This feature is also its chief benefit. By combining both the keyboard and cover, it offers savings it is not required to purchase them separately, which may be costly. Additionally, it offers convenience as you do not need to carry your keyboard separately; it is not cumbersome like the keyboards for most other tablets. The keyboard contains tactile feedback. This lets the peripheral have an increasingly familiar feel. Additionally, the peripheral contains a rigid backing that is ideal for extended typing sessions; typing on a flexible surface eventually strains your hands. Another benefit of this peripheral is that it contains an in-built touchpad. This helps to increase the feel that you are using a regular laptop when typing or using the tablet. On the whole, this peripheral is ideal if you plan to purchase the MS Surface tablet for plenty of typing and if you need productivity.

peripheral keyboard for the MS surface tablet

Peripheral keyboard for the MS surface tablet

2. Kickstand. The MS Surface tablet comes with a built-in kickstand. This is an essential feature that lets you use the tablet on a desk or any other flat surface. It is made from VaporMg; the exact material which encases the slate. You may flick it out from the rear of the tablet. Doing this hides the tablet’s microSD card slot. The kickstand props the tablet at 22 degrees. It is not adjustable, which may pose an issue for some people. However, most other tablets do not even come with kickstands. Using this kickstand means that you may do such things as watching videos or having video calls with relative ease; you do not need an extra case. This, along with the keyboard, lets you feel like you are using a miniature laptop.

MS Surface tablet  with a built-in kickstand

MS Surface tablet with a built-in kickstand

3. Full USB port. In spite of the MS Surface tablet’s thinness, it is thick enough to contain a full-sized USB port. The Surface tablet for Windows 8 Pro has a port that supports the relatively new USB 3.0, while the Surface tablet for Windows RT comes with support for USB 2.0. The primary benefit of these ports is that you are not forced to spend additional money to purchase an expensive proprietary cable from which you may connect all your USB peripherals. This is an ideal feature as several tablets do not contain in-built USB ports.

These are the 3 must know features of MS surface tablets. Hopefully, they will help you in your choice when purchasing this wonderful tablet.

Conflict: Tips to Resolve Fights Quickly

Okay so you have just found out that getting into any relationship means having bumps along the way. To tell you the truth, it can sometimes get as petty as a cat fight or even as nasty as a divorce – in a nutshell, you have to accept the fact that relationships are not perfect, no matter how much you both want it to be. A relationship is composed of two separate thinking individual with different choices, preferences, opinions and thoughts and it is normal that sometimes conflicts would arise. But how does one act positively on these conflicts so it gets resolve right away? Below are some sure shot ways on raising the white flag and replace it with a mushy heart shaped banner for peace.

Listen to your partner. One components of a healthy conversation is a good listener. If your partner wants to tell you something, try to lend them your ear. It will also help you understand the other person more. This will also give them the impression that when it is time for you to talk, they should also extend the same courtesy. With good listening, there is greater chance for proper exchange of thoughts, therefore conflicts, no matter how big or small, can be given attention to.

Conflict is a part of life

Conflict is a part of life

Do not be afraid to speak up. This doesn’t mean by shouting or using vulgar or arrogant words. Yes you may feel very pissed at the moment but you can still send the same message by using words that are strong and direct but still full of respect. Remember that speaking up should not be able to hurt the person, rather make the other person understand why you are feeling that way or what you think or prefer at the moment so s/he can see where you are coming from. Aside from listening, proper communication is also possible with proper use of words, tone and even hand gestures.

Never scrimp on saying the S word – Sorry. Like I love You’s, saying sorry (especially when you mean it) should be done generously. When you are at fault, do not let your pride get in the way by admitting your shortcoming. All the talking and listening won’t do if both parties do not practice telling the other person that they are sorry. Apologies don’t make you less of a person rather it shows how much you value the relationship you have with the other and how you never meant to do such a thing.

Tips to Resolve Conflict

Tips to Resolve Conflict

Resolving conflicts may seem like a piece of cake but to most of us, these three simple things are the hardest to do. Remember having the intention to mend the conflict with the person who is very important to you should make the process easier. Who says you can’t do anything for love?

3 Mental Exercises You Should Do Each Day

Just like any part of your body, your mind also needs to do some exercise to keep healthy and active. It is done to prevent or cure depression, some mental problems and memory loss. However, you don’t just do some mental exercise randomly. Mental exercises must deal with the five cognitive functions of the brain: memory, language, visual-spatial, attention and executive function. You have to stimulate you mind to keep these areas sharp as you grow in age. That is why you need to do the following exercises daily.

  1. Exercise non-dominant hand by using it in your daily tasks like brushing your teeth or clicking your mouse. This exercise is done to stimulate a communication between your left and right brain hemispheres. This will not only improve and maintain your mental capacity but your sense of physical balance as well.

  2. Do some cognitive exercise. You have to keep your brains sharp by doing some cognitive exercises every day which include but not limited to the following: memorizing a verse, poem, song, shopping list or phone numbers, do some crossword puzzle, play chess or any task that challenges your mind.

  3. Meditation. This is a mental exercise help you reduce stress. This kind of mental exercise uses proper breathing to relax your body and mind. This also requires you to do this exercise in a time and place where you will not be disturbed. You will need to be in a position where you are comfortable. Some do this sitting in a lotus position or you can lie down. Just be careful that you won’t fall asleep. You have to clear your minds with all thoughts, especially worries. You need to achieve this by breathing deeply. It will help to count your breathing in a rhythm. This will not only keep your focus but will blank you mind from all thoughts. The key to a successful meditation is to focus your mind in one object or mantra. Some utter some affirmations repeatedly, blocking any other thoughts.

A powerful mental exercise

A powerful mental exercise


hese kind of mental exercises will help you a lot at work and in your daily life. But it takes time to do them as a routine. To help you develop the habit of doing these exercises daily, here are some tips.

  1. Be forgiving if you miss a day. Just don’t stop doing it. If you miss it today, be sure to do it tomorrow. Don’t let this misses be daily. As they say, it takes three weeks to do a routine daily to really turn it into a habit. Goal this one. If you miss, consider the next day as day one and start counting from there to reach your three weeks.

  2. These exercises don’t need practice. Just start doing them and don’t stop.

  3. Make the exercises fun. Meditation can be strange if you are not use to it. Do it by composing a fun affirmation and repeat it over and over again as you relax your mind and body.

    Exercise and Your Brain

    Exercise and Your Brain

What’s In Store For Apple?

We all know that Apple made headlines lately because of patent disputes with Samsung. However, experts say that going to court to face Samsung is not good for their image. Although they are the ones who are complaining, it will not be good for their image to go to court. How did the dispute actually start?

Apple claimed that Samsung has been selling products such as smartphones and tablets that looks almost the same to their products. Apple seeks payment from Samsung for using their design and claims have already reached to about $2.5 billion.

The patent dispute has been in the headlines for almost a year. However, up to now, there has not been a clear resolution to the issue. When this happens, they’ll have no choice but to resolve everything in the courts. Apple and Samsung are both big names in the technology industry and no one wants to lose this legal battle. Losing this legal battle will mean losing money and a big share of the tablet and smartphone market.

Why did the claims reach billions?

There are many factors to consider when computing the claims. Some of the factors considered include the cost to the customer as well as the ownership of the inventions and ideas. If Apple will win this dispute, Samsung will be forced to pay the $2.5 billion claim by Apple as payment for the damage to their business. $2.5 billion is a very big amount and is a big financial loss to the company.

Learn more about Apple

Learn more about Apple

In July 2012, more than 50 lawsuits have been filed throughout the world. In July 30, 2012, the results finally came out from a U.S. jury trial. Apple was declared the winner and Samsung was forced to pay half of the original claim or amounting to $1 billion in damages. But Samsung has declared that the dispute is not over because many of the lawsuits filed by Apple have been rejected in other countries.

Apple after the lawsuit

After the lawsuit, Apple released iPhone 5. This features iOS 6, upgraded processors and enlarged screen. It was released on September 21 and was considered the biggest iPhone opening in the history of the company. Because of the 2 million pre-orders, the delivery date was long and finally release on the last week of October.

After the release of iPhone 5, they released iPad Mini which is basically a sleek, upgraded version of iPad. When all the sales have been taken in, Apple reported that they were able to sell 3 million iPads in just three days. The total sale reported is a combination of the iPad Mini and iPad 4 sales.

iPad Mini: Everything You Need

iPad Mini: Everything You Need

On November 11, Apple agreed to a 10-year deal with HTC. According to experts, Apple will receive $280 million a year by signing this deal with HTC. As of early 2013, Apple has predicted that China will soon overtake the United States in terms of market size. Also, no news was released pertaining to the release of a new product for the entire year. But again, who knows?

Actors: What Life Lessons You Can Learn From Leonardo Dicaprio

The Australian actor Hugh Jackman was born in the year 1968 on October 12th. He is also a successful producer and is involved in theatres and also films and television. Most of the roles or characters he played in his known films were of action heroes or super heroes. Movies that have been quite popular which he has also acted in are the X men series, Kate and Leopold, less miserable and the real steel. He is the winner of the first Academy award, the tony award and also been nominated for different awards like best actor, golden globe awards and many more to his honors. Singing is also an additional talent of this man and he started his career by appearing in TV shows produced by ABC -TV which was a prison drama by the name Correlli during the year 1995.

Qualities that we could learn from Hugh Jackman

  • The importance of fitness to have a successful healthy life

  • Recognizing the right time to do the right things

  • Importance of prioritizing things in life

  • To accept your mistake when you are wrong

  • he importance of being good parents

According to Hugh Jackman a healthy body is where a healthy mind resides and when you are healthy and fit you can achieve and chase your dreams and reach your goals in a much easier way. He feels all his super hero roles were successful because he had maintained a good health by fitness training and exercising regularly. And this leads to a huge success of his career gaining him the name and fame as he desired. Experts say that at his age it is very difficult to be so fit as he is and the secret to his success is regular physical training. He has also worked hard on his looks for different roles which demanded him to be skinny and shabby to healthy and heavy. He always worked hard on his looks and body to fit in the character he was supposed to play.

Try the Hugh Jackman Workout!

Try the Hugh Jackman Workout!

How to have a successful married life?

He also says that the secret of his long married life is that he knows what to prioritize which things and how. The secret of his successful long marriage is that he followed and stuck on to an advice that there are certain situations that are quite difficult to handle. And at such situations making a decision is also very tough; to make this process easy all you would have to do is just see if taking this decision is bad for your marriage or good. If the answer is bad then do not take it and if it is yes then go ahead with the decision. He feels that giving all the priorities to your marriage is very important and helps in leading a better and happy life

The city, where Hugh Jackman

The city, where Hugh Jackman

Being good parents to your kids is very important

Since he has gone through a difficult childhood as his mother left him when he was 8 years old and to stay with his dad with other siblings he feels that being a good parent to your children is very important and plays an important role in both of your lives.