What’s In Store For Apple?

We all know that Apple made headlines lately because of patent disputes with Samsung. However, experts say that going to court to face Samsung is not good for their image. Although they are the ones who are complaining, it will not be good for their image to go to court. How did the dispute actually start?

Apple claimed that Samsung has been selling products such as smartphones and tablets that looks almost the same to their products. Apple seeks payment from Samsung for using their design and claims have already reached to about $2.5 billion.

The patent dispute has been in the headlines for almost a year. However, up to now, there has not been a clear resolution to the issue. When this happens, they’ll have no choice but to resolve everything in the courts. Apple and Samsung are both big names in the technology industry and no one wants to lose this legal battle. Losing this legal battle will mean losing money and a big share of the tablet and smartphone market.

Why did the claims reach billions?

There are many factors to consider when computing the claims. Some of the factors considered include the cost to the customer as well as the ownership of the inventions and ideas. If Apple will win this dispute, Samsung will be forced to pay the $2.5 billion claim by Apple as payment for the damage to their business. $2.5 billion is a very big amount and is a big financial loss to the company.

Learn more about Apple

Learn more about Apple

In July 2012, more than 50 lawsuits have been filed throughout the world. In July 30, 2012, the results finally came out from a U.S. jury trial. Apple was declared the winner and Samsung was forced to pay half of the original claim or amounting to $1 billion in damages. But Samsung has declared that the dispute is not over because many of the lawsuits filed by Apple have been rejected in other countries.

Apple after the lawsuit

After the lawsuit, Apple released iPhone 5. This features iOS 6, upgraded processors and enlarged screen. It was released on September 21 and was considered the biggest iPhone opening in the history of the company. Because of the 2 million pre-orders, the delivery date was long and finally release on the last week of October.

After the release of iPhone 5, they released iPad Mini which is basically a sleek, upgraded version of iPad. When all the sales have been taken in, Apple reported that they were able to sell 3 million iPads in just three days. The total sale reported is a combination of the iPad Mini and iPad 4 sales.

iPad Mini: Everything You Need

iPad Mini: Everything You Need

On November 11, Apple agreed to a 10-year deal with HTC. According to experts, Apple will receive $280 million a year by signing this deal with HTC. As of early 2013, Apple has predicted that China will soon overtake the United States in terms of market size. Also, no news was released pertaining to the release of a new product for the entire year. But again, who knows?