3 Mental Exercises You Should Do Each Day

Just like any part of your body, your mind also needs to do some exercise to keep healthy and active. It is done to prevent or cure depression, some mental problems and memory loss. However, you don’t just do some mental exercise randomly. Mental exercises must deal with the five cognitive functions of the brain: memory, language, visual-spatial, attention and executive function. You have to stimulate you mind to keep these areas sharp as you grow in age. That is why you need to do the following exercises daily.

  1. Exercise non-dominant hand by using it in your daily tasks like brushing your teeth or clicking your mouse. This exercise is done to stimulate a communication between your left and right brain hemispheres. This will not only improve and maintain your mental capacity but your sense of physical balance as well.

  2. Do some cognitive exercise. You have to keep your brains sharp by doing some cognitive exercises every day which include but not limited to the following: memorizing a verse, poem, song, shopping list or phone numbers, do some crossword puzzle, play chess or any task that challenges your mind.

  3. Meditation. This is a mental exercise help you reduce stress. This kind of mental exercise uses proper breathing to relax your body and mind. This also requires you to do this exercise in a time and place where you will not be disturbed. You will need to be in a position where you are comfortable. Some do this sitting in a lotus position or you can lie down. Just be careful that you won’t fall asleep. You have to clear your minds with all thoughts, especially worries. You need to achieve this by breathing deeply. It will help to count your breathing in a rhythm. This will not only keep your focus but will blank you mind from all thoughts. The key to a successful meditation is to focus your mind in one object or mantra. Some utter some affirmations repeatedly, blocking any other thoughts.

A powerful mental exercise

A powerful mental exercise


hese kind of mental exercises will help you a lot at work and in your daily life. But it takes time to do them as a routine. To help you develop the habit of doing these exercises daily, here are some tips.

  1. Be forgiving if you miss a day. Just don’t stop doing it. If you miss it today, be sure to do it tomorrow. Don’t let this misses be daily. As they say, it takes three weeks to do a routine daily to really turn it into a habit. Goal this one. If you miss, consider the next day as day one and start counting from there to reach your three weeks.

  2. These exercises don’t need practice. Just start doing them and don’t stop.

  3. Make the exercises fun. Meditation can be strange if you are not use to it. Do it by composing a fun affirmation and repeat it over and over again as you relax your mind and body.

    Exercise and Your Brain

    Exercise and Your Brain