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The Australian actor Hugh Jackman was born in the year 1968 on October 12th. He is also a successful producer and is involved in theatres and also films and television. Most of the roles or characters he played in his known films were of action heroes or super heroes. Movies that have been quite popular which he has also acted in are the X men series, Kate and Leopold, less miserable and the real steel. He is the winner of the first Academy award, the tony award and also been nominated for different awards like best actor, golden globe awards and many more to his honors. Singing is also an additional talent of this man and he started his career by appearing in TV shows produced by ABC -TV which was a prison drama by the name Correlli during the year 1995.

Qualities that we could learn from Hugh Jackman

  • The importance of fitness to have a successful healthy life

  • Recognizing the right time to do the right things

  • Importance of prioritizing things in life

  • To accept your mistake when you are wrong

  • he importance of being good parents

According to Hugh Jackman a healthy body is where a healthy mind resides and when you are healthy and fit you can achieve and chase your dreams and reach your goals in a much easier way. He feels all his super hero roles were successful because he had maintained a good health by fitness training and exercising regularly. And this leads to a huge success of his career gaining him the name and fame as he desired. Experts say that at his age it is very difficult to be so fit as he is and the secret to his success is regular physical training. He has also worked hard on his looks for different roles which demanded him to be skinny and shabby to healthy and heavy. He always worked hard on his looks and body to fit in the character he was supposed to play.

Try the Hugh Jackman Workout!

Try the Hugh Jackman Workout!

How to have a successful married life?

He also says that the secret of his long married life is that he knows what to prioritize which things and how. The secret of his successful long marriage is that he followed and stuck on to an advice that there are certain situations that are quite difficult to handle. And at such situations making a decision is also very tough; to make this process easy all you would have to do is just see if taking this decision is bad for your marriage or good. If the answer is bad then do not take it and if it is yes then go ahead with the decision. He feels that giving all the priorities to your marriage is very important and helps in leading a better and happy life

The city, where Hugh Jackman

The city, where Hugh Jackman

Being good parents to your kids is very important

Since he has gone through a difficult childhood as his mother left him when he was 8 years old and to stay with his dad with other siblings he feels that being a good parent to your children is very important and plays an important role in both of your lives.