3 must know features of MS surface tablets

Microsoft recently launched the Microsoft Surface tablets. These tablets run Microsoft’s latest Operating System, the Windows 8. The Surface tablet contains two versions. The first version is the Surface RT, which is powered through an ARM chip that runs on Windows RT. The second version is the Surface Pro, which is powered through an Intel-based chip. These tablets come with several features that pit them against the other tablets within the market. However, there are 3 must know features of MS surface tablets that help to set them apart.

1. Cover and keyboard. This is actually one device; a peripheral keyboard for the MS surface tablet that also acts as its cover. This feature is also its chief benefit. By combining both the keyboard and cover, it offers savings it is not required to purchase them separately, which may be costly. Additionally, it offers convenience as you do not need to carry your keyboard separately; it is not cumbersome like the keyboards for most other tablets. The keyboard contains tactile feedback. This lets the peripheral have an increasingly familiar feel. Additionally, the peripheral contains a rigid backing that is ideal for extended typing sessions; typing on a flexible surface eventually strains your hands. Another benefit of this peripheral is that it contains an in-built touchpad. This helps to increase the feel that you are using a regular laptop when typing or using the tablet. On the whole, this peripheral is ideal if you plan to purchase the MS Surface tablet for plenty of typing and if you need productivity.

peripheral keyboard for the MS surface tablet

Peripheral keyboard for the MS surface tablet

2. Kickstand. The MS Surface tablet comes with a built-in kickstand. This is an essential feature that lets you use the tablet on a desk or any other flat surface. It is made from VaporMg; the exact material which encases the slate. You may flick it out from the rear of the tablet. Doing this hides the tablet’s microSD card slot. The kickstand props the tablet at 22 degrees. It is not adjustable, which may pose an issue for some people. However, most other tablets do not even come with kickstands. Using this kickstand means that you may do such things as watching videos or having video calls with relative ease; you do not need an extra case. This, along with the keyboard, lets you feel like you are using a miniature laptop.

MS Surface tablet  with a built-in kickstand

MS Surface tablet with a built-in kickstand

3. Full USB port. In spite of the MS Surface tablet’s thinness, it is thick enough to contain a full-sized USB port. The Surface tablet for Windows 8 Pro has a port that supports the relatively new USB 3.0, while the Surface tablet for Windows RT comes with support for USB 2.0. The primary benefit of these ports is that you are not forced to spend additional money to purchase an expensive proprietary cable from which you may connect all your USB peripherals. This is an ideal feature as several tablets do not contain in-built USB ports.

These are the 3 must know features of MS surface tablets. Hopefully, they will help you in your choice when purchasing this wonderful tablet.