3 Unique Gifts for your Girlfriend

Holidays are round the corner and if you are one of those guys breaking your head over what to gift your loved one, it is time to learn how to choose those intimate, personal yet inexpensive gifts for your girl. Here are 3 unique gifting ideas that we found in this book and will certainly make her very happy–

For a Busy, Humorous Girlfriend

If your girl has a great sense of humour and is usually busy with work, then you could gift her with an Engagement Calendar. It is not difficult finding one that comes at an affordable price. You could also get her a coffee mug or a flask with interesting captions that will bring a smile to her face each time she uses it. There are many sites that offer attractive and colourful flasks and mugs. Just plan ahead and order a couple of them for her online. Alternately, you could visit a local departmental store to shop for them. Whatever it is, do not leave it for the last minute to ensure you are not caught embarrassed without a gift for her.

For Your Enterprising Girl

If your girlfriend is one of those enterprising types with a lot of interests, you could get her an elegant and beautiful charm bracelet. This is an excellent choice as it is both personalized and personal without being very intimate and sending a wrong message. Visit sites that sell a variety of bracelets in different link styles. If you are willing to spend around $20, you could choose a sterling silver charm bracelet that will take her breath away. For $30, you can find sterling silver bracelets that highlight special interests. If you are in the indulgent mood, you could floor your girl with the expensive gold plated charms and bracelets made of 10K or 14K gold.

Great gifts for your girlfriend

Make her happy

For the Practical Girl

If your girlfriend is very practical in approach, you could buy her a Swiss Army Knife. Many stores allow you to personalize the knife that comes in many different colors. You could choose an attractive pink or amethyst color knife for your loved one for just $15. If you are willing to spend another $6, you could get her initials engraved on it. This functional knife comes with a nail file, scissors, small blade, toothpick, tweezers and screwdriver. It can be attached to the key ring or just carried around in the hand bag. This is a very handy gift your girlfriend will definitely appreciate.

These are some unique gifting ideas that will take your girl by surprise. Take time considering her character traits and choosing personalized gifts that will certainly make her happy.